Our directors all have solid backgrounds in utility construction, safety and state -of- the- art methods. As a member you get the benefit of networking and experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

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The Officers and Directors work hard to be an integral part of your business in Washington, DC and in the State of Rhode Island. We want you to know what we continue to do for YOU as an association.

Since 1973, National Utility Contractors of RI (NUCARI) has provided quality utility construction through our over 200 member contractors, companies, and service providers. We have been entrusted to tackle the job of repairing and replacing RI's aging underground infrastructure. Our mission is to advance the operational proficiency and financial performance of member companies; provide services and resources that focus on best industry practices; to advocate for funding and support legislative initiatives that improve Rhode Island aging underground infrastructure.

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It makes all the difference in quality underground construction.

NUCARI wants you to be a member, as we go forward together to secure more funding, grants and money to flow through our municipalities in order that safe, clean drinking water is delivered to every faucet in RI.