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The Officers and Directors work hard to be an integral part of your business in Washington, DC and in the State of Rhode Island. We want you to know what we continue to do for YOU as an association.

  • Utilize a Full-Time Lobbyist creating a "Stronger Voice – Power in Numbers" and a national presence through NUCA with our full-time lobbyist in Washington, DC
  •  Successfully Support and Oppose Legislation at the State House that directly affects the way you do business (i.e. amended Dig Safe laws, amended CDL license regulation, opposed apprenticeship ratios and contract amounts, supported "FIRST" Utility Underground Contractors License, opposed many of the proposed "Chafee Sales Taxes," monitor trucking issues)
  •  Safety/Education Training - provide Confined Space and Trench Excavation training, OSHA 10 & 30 classes, Competent Person Training, First Aid/CPR classes, Right-To-Know classes (ALL at reduced or no cost)
  •  Self-Sustaining Political Action Committee-PAC Fund to support legislative causes
  •  Self-Sustaining Scholarship Fund for the NUCARI Scholarship
  •  Preferred Member Benefits Programs saves members $$$ directly (Tire Doctor, W.D. & Associates and Colonial Life health benefit programs, UBS Financial Services for investments, STAPLES Advantage program, NUCARI Drug Testing Program)
  •  Weekly NUCARI e-News Email Notices keep you informed of immediate news and information
  • Bi Annual Newsletters provides additional information and news to members about members
  •  Website serves as a useful tool for your business, loaded with lots of information about NUCARI, and important links to state, federal, and national agencies
  •  Social Events - annual summer event (to be announced), Scholarship Golf Tournament, and General Membership Meetings throughout the year

Welcome to the NUCARI website!
The National Utility Contractors Association of
Rhode Island (NUCARI) is on the move. We have accomplished great things on behalf of utility contractors, associates, suppliers, professionals, specialty contractors and all those who benefit from the business of utility contracting in our state and region. NUCARI has influenced legislation at the statehouse, formed fruitful partnership with key financing arms in the industry such as the RI Infrastructure Bank, secured important positions on boards and commissions dedicated to the industry of underground infrastructure, as well as safe drinking water standards. We have made our mark and will continue to push our influence in the political and industry as to benefit our members. In addition to the work of influencing laws and legislation which impacts contracting and small business, NUCARI has undergone a reboot. Our Chapter manages our up to date website (including a real-time Calendar Calendar of www.nucari.com, as well as newly designed social media feeds.  We have exciting news to share with our membership, as we have many new initiatives on the horizon to make our association better, and more influential as we move forward together.

Truly, Karen Quatrocchi, NUCARI President
Again welcome to our website and feel free to contact me should you have a concern or comment.

A Message from the NUCARI President

Office of Gov. Gina Raimondo.


The mission of NUCARI is to advance the operational proficiency and financial performance of member companies; provided services and resources that focus on best industry practices; to advocate for funding and support legislative initiatives that improve Rhode Island aging underground infrastructure.

NUCARI was started to begin meaningful collaborations between our member companies and be a conduit of information to best practices, as well establish a relationship on which to build with NUCA the National Utility Contractors Association. We have built strong ties and have been a partner in legislative and construction progress. We continue to rely on NUCA for so many valuable initiatives and we all benefit form our collective efforts. We strongly urge you to be a NUCA member and together we can make our industry a powerful voice in the trades. .

NUCARI IS here for you

Contact us with your questions or anything we can do to help

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RI General Assembly.

National Utility Contractors Association of RI

Having a Plan...

NUCARI also held various networking and social events bringing the most powerful voices in contracting, business and government together. NUCARI hosted the first annual NUCARI Day at the State House. NUCARI’s member companies showcased their businesses, services and
took full advantage of dialogue with many elected leaders. And, we plan a second day this session in March 8, 2017.NUCARI is currently working in tandem with NUCA, as we monitor and lobby for a voice in several pieces of nationallegislation with far reaching impact; included but not limited to:

 Water Infrastructure Funding- Passed September 2016

 Private Activity Bonds- In progress

 Regulations including OSHA and the Silica Rule- In progress

 NUCARI was featured in the June edition of Utility Contractor Magazine! The industry and NUCA recognized our
efforts to bring awareness to the industry. We cannot continue to achieve these strides without members like you.TAmong NUCARI’s 2017 initiatives will be to continue to closely monitor funding, the new Rhode Island Infrastructure
Bank, which just received 18.2 million dollars from the EPA and be a constant watchdog at the legislature. Our advocacy
plans also include active lobbying efforts on the State and Federal level. We encourage you to become a NUCARI
member, in order to support our voice in Washington, as Federal Highway funding, EPA grants, OSHA requirements and
government mandates concerning our industry are always on the Congressional docket. The Board of Directors is poised
to usher in a new chapter for NUCARI and we hope to continue the progress in 2017. We need you as part of the
NUCARI TEAM. Like us on FB and follow @NUCA_RI on Twitter and Instagram 

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NUCARI is an association of over 200 utility RI contractors formed to promote professional development, safety initiatives and advocacy.

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